Inspired by the fusion of light and design during her travels in Tokyo, Irene Cattaneo creates a leading-edge line of light-up accessories. After having noticed the increasing trend of light, from its importance in the fields of art, design and, ultimately, fashion, the founder felt the desire to create a product that captures the intangibility of light and places its charm into a woman's favourite accessory, the handbag.
The Lumyx - concept was born: light-emitting clutches that are characterised by an electro-luminescent panel, which allows the bag to shine or flash in the dark at the wearer's command.



Growing up, Irene has constantly moved within different cities in Europe, in a vibrant and international surrounding. This paved the way to her insatiable curiosity, thirst for different experiences, extreme versatility and eclectic style. She graduated with a BSc in Economics and Management from Bocconi University, and made space for her creative side by completing a M.A. in Design Management at Central Saint Martins in London.

She deepened her appreciation of the world of fashion and luxury via work experiences from digital marketing and buying at Louis Vuitton to Belstaff in Milan, London and New York.

Irene currently spends her time between London and New York, calling each of them home. She continues to travel in search of inspiration from different cultures and industries to incorporate into her future work.